If you don't like something, Don't just complain about it, Change it!

Born out of our love of The Charleston Tri-County, WeLoveCharleston.com has become the premiere location for finding anything Charleston Related, whether it is your first time or you are a generational Charlestonian it's here for you.


Our long term goals with this site is to have the annual We Love Charleston Festival where we premiere all local things in Charleston that WE LOVE and the proceeds from the festival go to help Abused kids who are aged out of foster care with no where to go.

Imagine being 18 or 21 years old with no family to help get you out of foster care and when you turn of age you are asked to leave with no where to go?  Here are some of the stats: less than 3 percent ever graduate from college, some have PTSD from their experiences and worst of all no hope that they are LOVED. We will change that through this website and eventually Free Magazine in every business and store in Charleston with We Love Charleston and show these kids that Charleston Loves You Too.

Here is how we will do it Charleston! Once a year we will either buy or build an abused kid a home and give it to them with a Life Estate deed to the property. This means the kid will own it during their life time, it cannot be sold or lost by the kid. There is only 2 ways it can be taken away from the kid, involvement in drugs or crime are the 2 ways.

Our goal is to get the kid through a trade school or college and find them a career where they can buy out the life estate deed to the property and own it out right. 

Here is the big plus....from the time when we give them the house with the life estate deed we will sell it to them for 75% of the homes value from when we gave it to them. Let's do some math. Say the purchase price of the house is $200,000 so we will sell it to them for $150,000 down the road. Now 5 years later this kid has graduated from trade school or college and gets the career job here in Charleston. Now they can get a mortgage for $150,000. Now the house is worth $250,000 so they have $100,000 in equity in their home with no strings attached.

HERE IS THE BEST PART! We will take that money and at the next WE LOVE CHARLESTON FESTIVAL let this kid give the next kid we help the key to their new home and the $150,000 is paid forward and all of our efforts of showing LOVE pay off and are never lost and everyone's efforts and time and money will continue to be paid forward year after year.

The key is we took some kids who did not ask to be abused or to be put out on the streets with no where to go, to becoming successful and showing We Love Charleston and Charleston Loves You Too.

Enjoy the site and help us build We Love Charleston to being the place to go for everything Charleston!

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